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About Us

People On The Porch

Jeremy Sayne - Vocals, Guitar
Danny Elson - Vocals, Banjo
Bruce Payne - Cello
David Cloud - Bass
Gregg McGinnis - Drums


So the story goes....

Back to high school for Jeremy and Danny. The two first met early in their high school days, and became friends immediately.  Both had a major love for singing and music in general. Jeremy was in elite singing group at the school and made Danny try out for the group. From there they sang everyday together for the next 3 years. Eventually after high school parted ways for different lives. 10 years later they were given a sign, and the songs to form a band. Two years of constant songwriting and arrangement, made for some very emotional driven series of songs that makes you feel alive! Meeting Bruce in 2015 they began shaping POTP. Finding David as the bass player was that foundation that was needed for this awesome sound. Soon after the final addition of Greg, who is one of the best drummers around, there was a loud click..and BOOM!

People on the Porch.